Find yourself. PriMedia's web development teams implement the custom web-based solutions you didn't know you were looking for. From exciting web designs, targeted search engine optimization and marketing (SEO/SEM) plans and hosting ... through database development, e-commerce and dynamic update systems, PriMedia's web development teams will get you noticed online.
Automate your processes. PriMedia's custom web-based solutions enable your business to handle more volume and use information and resources more effectively. We'll help you gain better insight into customer profiles and needs ... unify online resources by linking your systems together in an integrated solution ... and do it all with fresh, user-friendly designs that allow for complete flexibility. Or, give the customer more online conveniences, with online account management; billing, payment, and order histories; electronic payment and presentment systems; customized rewards programs; and other services that give you the edge over the competition.
Shine online. As the Internet has changed, so have the criteria for your organic rankings within search engines. Tactics that worked last year are already obsolete ... and there are new tools just around the corner. One thing hasn't changed, though - higher organic results lead potential customers to your website. Boost those results even more with targeted search engine marketing programs that direct your message to users searching for your services. Our professional search engine optimization and search engine marketing services help you maximize your site's effectiveness - which means more visitors ... more customers ... and more success!
Be Noticed. Grow your customer base and make sure your company gets noticed online with a Web Presence Optimization (WPO) program from PriMedia. At PriMedia, we implement on-page and off-page strategies to increase your visibility across the Internet and enhance your organic ranking. WPO encompasses search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, directory management and link building. With PriMedia’s WPO Strategy, your site will receive ongoing monthly management and content creation specifically tailored to fit your company’s needs.
Network with us. Social media has revolutionized the way companies communicate with customers and prospects. From strategy to implementation to analysis, we can help you make the most of the newest forms of communication. Whether you're looking to enhance your reputation, speak directly to customers, build a shared social movement, promote a new product, or increase business through social networking coupons, our team is ready.


Marketing 4.0. The Internet has opened virtually unlimited marketing opportunities beyond search engine marketing. Online advertising enables you to reach your audience in more ways than ever - targeted directly to their interests and hobbies, and traveling with them from one site to another. Once we determine your target audience, we analyze current psycho-dynamic and socio-demographic data and analyze usage trends to pinpoint the strategies that will work best.
Concept with content. Content with continuity. PriMedia combines eye-catching graphics, engaging headlines and powerful text for ads with a unique voice that can identify your brand for years. Our team will turn ideas into campaigns, and research traditional print and outdoor outlets as well as new, cutting-edge lifestyle placements, to find and reach your ideal customer. From single placements to full-spectrum media buys, PriMedia will make sure your audience gets the message.
See it, hear it TV and radio are being transformed every day. New ways of communicating demand new ways of thinking. Our marketing experts will develop results-oriented campaigns that bring your brand to life. You'll have the creative and strategic resources of our experienced team to cut through the clutter, with innovative concepts that turn your products and services into world class brands.
The message matters. High-impact advertising takes many forms, whether for consumers or business-to-business marketing. Let PriMedia develop your guerilla marketing to take your message viral ... out-of-home campaigns for billboards, bus wraps, train platforms and sports stadiums ... on-hold messaging to engage the customer when you cannot ... and so much more.


Go further, faster. If it mails - or emails - we can deliver. PriMedia offers end-to-end direct marketing services: from database management, copywriting and design ... to printing, mailing and fulfillment. Variable print and multiple inserts are no problem. From custom, award-winning print and digital newsletters that promote your company's successes and strengths to postcards, brochures, billing inserts and sell sheets that grab attention. Wherever the target, your marketing efforts hit home and get results.
Communicate more. Your business needs sales materials. Brochures for counter tops and envelopes; sales kits that give you more room to tell your story - and modular designs for virtually unlimited options to customize each kit. Not to mention contracts, coupons, envelope stuffers, reply cards, invitations, posters, packaging ... the list seems endless because it is. PriMedia offers you one-stop convenience for all your marketing and collateral materials, maintaining consistency across your brand and quality throughout every project.


Speak with color. PriMedia's graphic artists blend colors, images and type to create vivid visual imagery that places your company front and center in any setting. Our fresh, clean designs jump off the page and screen and out of the mailbox.
In all Colors, Shapes and Sizes: What color is your company? What shapes represent your message? What does the typeface say about your culture? Design - for logos, newsletters, ads, direct marketing, packaging, brochures, and so much more - creates a visual shorthand to tell your story. Great design, like great art, is priceless.
Where Form Meets Function: When is a box not a box? When it is a tube, or a sleeve, or a triangle, or a ball, or a plastic clamshell, or a custom shape molded to your product. PriMedia finds the personality inherent in every product and frees it from the confines of its box, letting the product speak to the customer from the shelf. We think outside the box, to create yours.


Get read. Smart subject lines, compelling copy and powerful graphics mean your emails get opened, read and acted upon. PriMedia's e-marketing experts carry your message from start to finish - including list selection, opt-in email strategies, tracking and evaluations, and integration of your email marketing with your other media campaigns.


Image is essential. Every company and product deserves a memorable brand identity. PriMedia goes beyond designing uncommon logos, business cards, stationery and packaging to create a unique voice that cuts through the clutter.
Strengthen your foundations. Visionary companies know that the success of their brand comes from within. Growing existing customer relationships is essential. PriMedia helps you re-energize customer loyalty by developing value-added programs to create customers for life - and to encourage those priceless word-of-mouth and social referrals.
Stop guessing. How do you find out if your great idea will be accepted by your customers, or if a change in branding will make a positive difference in your public perception? Focus groups - led by PriMedia's moderators can help you understand what your customers think of you ... if you should change your services ... or how that break-through product is really going to be received.



Harness the Hurricane: One negative online review can make you feel as though your business has been hit by a hurricane. Everything is turned around, and the damage could take years to remedy - unless you call on PriMedia's reputation management team. We sweep away the debris, shore up your foundation and rebuild your online reputation one directory, one link, one network at a time, to set things right again as quickly as possible.
Spread the Word: There are times you need to spread the news about a great success ... reply to market conditions ... or, occasionally, respond to company challenges. Whether you're looking for an immediate response or looking to build and develop open lines of communication, you need to know whom to speak with and how to get the message across. Traditional press releases, electronic distribution, video conferences, case studies, white papers and feature articles drop the right word in the right ear ... or inbox.


Knowledge is power. When we understand your customers - and your competitors - we strategize, visualize and energize your marketing plan. Through focus groups, surveys, telerelations campaigns and more, PriMedia garners essential information to identify targets and execute tactics to achieve real growth. This data is analyzed and utilized as the foundation upon which we build your customized results-oriented strategic plan.


It's all in the details. From networking events and educational seminars to trade shows, conferences and corporate outings, PriMedia brands and coordinates every aspect of your event - invitations, direct mail announcements, print ads, emails and telerelations, signage, journals and guest acknowledgments. PriMedia's turn-key event management services guarantee success.


Your message, optimized. We review and recommend a variety of media outlets offering you the greatest impact for your marketing budget - whatever your budget might be. We'll consider everything from traditional print, TV and radio ads to innovative web applications, social media marketing, couponing, third-party websites, niche markets, and more.
Where you want to be. There's not enough time in the day for you to answer the calls from every media rep, and still manage your company. PriMedia takes those calls off your to-do list. Our media buyers review the offers, discuss those that meet your goals, negotiate pricing, reserve placements, submit your materials, and track the spot. That leaves you time to handle all the new business.


Move with Mobile: Your customers are on the move and your sales team is on road. Mobile brings them all together and gives them the tools to reach out, reach each other and reach you. One-click access ... click-to-call ... product catalogs ... mapping ... GPS services ... custom operations ... sales and lead tracking ... your options are endless. Mobile is more than a smart move, it's a vital part of your marketing and communications program.
Your World on Their Terms: Our mobile websites make your marketing messages portable, with a mobile-friendly framework, easier navigation, and custom coding. Your site is optimized for quicker loading and quick reads, while keeping your message as strong as ever. Custom promotions add excitement ... click-through call and text messaging provide instant assistance ... and one-click access to your full site and order forms seals the deal.
Messaging that Moves: How to reach the customer who's on the road, in the park, at the mall ... and always, always, always on the phone? Targeted marketing for mobile reach - text messages, QR codes, pay-per-click, pay-per-call and video clips go directly to the customers' pockets and direct their plans for the day. Social sites, daily offers and online directories lead the customer to check in ... check you out ... and then check out with a new purchase.
Communicate wherever, whenever. Today, over 86% of adults own a mobile phone and people are relying on their mobile phones more than any other communication tool. Quicker than a phone call and checked more often than emails, texting has now become one of the most used forms of communication. With TextPoint, PriMedia's integrated mobile text communications and marketing service, you can send customized offers, special promotions, company updates and friendly service reminders directly to the palms of your customers' hands.