The New Newsletter: A Traditional Tool for an Evolving Market

Newsletters – both print and digital – have recently seen an upswing in popularity. While some companies have foregone this traditional marketing tool in lieu of digital advertising and social media, we have seen the most successful clients combine new and old communications to provide the best of both worlds for their customers.

Recent studies have shown there is a strong place for print in a modern marketing strategy. As the volume of delivered mail drops, a printed newsletter becomes something “different and new” in the consumer’s mailbox. More than half the respondents in these studies preferred to read print over digital and a majority believe they understand complex topics better in print. Many of our clients have expanded their seasonal newsletters from 4 to 6 pages and have seen an increase in sales leads from current customers. At the same time, these attractive, custom written and designed newsletters incorporate many digital strategies: 

  • Articles are shorter, images are larger, and content is product/services/sales oriented
  • Additional information is made available on unique landing pages or dedicated web sections
  • Customers are offered multiple ways to contact the company – via email, web forms, customer portals and phone
  • Some newsletters focus on a single topic, providing the customer with deeper knowledge about the subject
  • Content created for print is repurposed as web content, blog posts, social media updates or email blasts

At the same time, we are not suggesting that there is no place for digital communications. E-letters or promotions can and should be sent more frequently than a printed newsletter, offer one-click access to additional content on your website, and can link to videos or downloadable documents. Each article in these digital newsletters is often shorter than it would have been in print, reflecting the decreased attention span of the online consumer. PriMedia’s mailZOOM! is a cost-effective program that enables companies to send professionally written email newsletters and marketing materials on a regular schedule. 

Many of our clients combine the two communications strategies. Expansive print newsletters are mailed in a few times a year, with digital e-letters disseminated monthly. The print editions promote digital services and email subscriptions for customers or companies without an online account portal. The e-letters often offer online-only promotions and discounts. Both enhance the company’s positioning as a trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable energy partner. 

We see the apparent irony of promoting print newsletters in this digital format. But that simply proves the value of both channels. If you are looking to strengthen your customer relationships, talk to PriMedia about a newsletter strategy that works for your company.

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