As a full service advertising agency, we work with you on everything from graphic design and media plans to web development and mobile apps. All our work is done in-house at our Garden City, Long Island headquarters, so there is always a direct line from your account supervisor and project manager to the designer, writer, or developer creating your custom advertising and marketing solutions.

  • Green Marketing

    Green Marketing

    It was our commitment to a cleaner tomorrow that propelled PriMedia to develop a program to make it easier for homeowners to replace low efficiency heating systems with new, cleaner equipment.

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  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Your customers expect - yes, expect - you to keep in touch. Email marketing is your cost effective solution to increase retention and communications.

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  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation

    We look to make your life easier. Our marketing automation platforms streamline your messaging and outreach to verified leads, potential customers, current contacts and so much more.

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  • Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

    Do you ever feel like you are getting buried under the constant demand for new content? Web content, social media, e-letters, newsletters, blogs, eblasts, more web content, more social media, and on and on. You might not have the time to create all that, but we do!

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    Google® announces core updates every quarter or so, but search algorithms seem to change almost daily! The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics that worked last month may already be obsolete ... and there are new tools coming out just as frequently. Luckily for you, PriMedia has a team of search specialists to manage your marketing, optimization and web presence.

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  • Advertising


    Some people say that advertising has changed drastically since the digital revolution – but not people at PriMedia. Sure, the media and the pace have changed, but the heart of advertising is still a matter of setting your company apart to get you more sales.

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  • Brand Identity

    Brand Identity

    Who are you, who are your customers, and what does the market need to know about you? Those are the first questions we ask, because to develop your brand, we need to know you.

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  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    Design - for logos, newsletters, ads, direct marketing, packaging, brochures, and so much more - creates a visual shorthand to tell your story. Great design, like great art, is priceless.

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  • Media Planning & Buying

    Media Planning & Buying

    Is your marketing targeted to a single town, or do you need to reach consumers across the country? Which media outlet will get you the reach, impressions and, most importantly, results you are looking for?

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  • Digital Marketing & Strategy

    Digital Marketing & Strategy

    Digital marketing is a vital component of any modern communications strategy. PriMedia’s digital campaigns encompass display, programmatic and remarketing ads, targeted search and social media, apps, videos, podcasts, text messaging and email.

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  • Direct Marketing

    Direct Marketing

    Direct marketing – the strategy and tools to put your message in front of your customer. Isn't that the whole point of any advertising and marketing campaign?

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  • Event Management

    Event Management

    The successful launch of a brand new trade show. The grand opening of a fuel transportation hub. Annual fundraising events for local organizations. A sales and marketing networking day at a football game. These are just a few of the events we’ve managed from concept to completion, with great turnout and even greater responses.

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  • Public Relations

    Public Relations

    There are times you need to spread the news about a great success ... reply to market conditions ... or, occasionally, respond to company challenges. Whether you're looking for an immediate response or looking to build and develop open lines of communication, you need to know whom to speak with and how to get the message across.

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  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Which social media platform reaches your customers? Do you need to post to TikTok and Instagram? Will a Pinterest store help sales? How important are Facebook and YouTube? (Maybe, probably, and yes, still very!) And, are influencers worth the cost and can they be trusted not to embarrass your brand?

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  • E-Commerce & Apps

    E-Commerce & Apps

    Custom apps can put your company in your customers' hands 24/7. PriMedia custom apps for iOs and Android simplify processes for users while increasing your sales and engagement levels.

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  • Strategic Marketing Plans

    Strategic Marketing Plans

    Every client deserves a marketing solution as unique as it is. From branding to billboards, from ad campaigns micro-targeted within a few miles to those broadcast across the country, PriMedia develops customized, multi-channel advertising campaigns that connect our clients with their customers.

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  • Web Development

    Web Development

    When your website is built by Long Island's best team of web developers, graphic designers and Google certified search engine specialists, you get a site that works ... beautifully. Our sites are optimized to show off your company and products across platforms, devices and search results.

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