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PriMedia’s clients are paving the way to a net-zero carbon future, delivering fuels and services that reduce emissions now and will be “net-zero” by 2050.

These environmental heroes needed a cost-effective, scalable platform to introduce the net-zero concept to their customers, their communities and their elected representatives. PriMedia’s Net-Zero Hero™ marketing services and platform to the rescue!


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Who is a Net-Zero Hero™? The energy retailer providing fuels that immediately reduce carbon emissions. The equipment manufacturer and service provider offering high-efficiency equipment to reduce the consumer’s fuel needs. Any business working toward a greener, healthier, safer tomorrow. You, your neighbors and the people you pass at the market, doing everything in their power to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Net-Zero Hero™ is a multi-faceted, full spectrum, scalable campaign that speaks for and to every Net-Zero Hero™.  Our services under the Net-Zero Hero™ banner encompass digital marketing, social media, satellite and streaming services, games and apps, traditional media, staff training and more. Campaigns can be scaled to the needs of a single business, or expanded to reach the millions of consumers in the New York City Metro Area.


New York was the proving ground for Net-Zero Hero™, because if you can make it there …

After 18 months, Net-Zero Hero™ messaging was delivered more than 110 million times. There were Net-Zero Heroes on the buses traveling throughout the Five Boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties; on railroad and subway stations, including Barclay’s Center, Yankee Stadium and Penn Station; on the phones, games and apps in consumers hands;  in social media feeds and inboxes; and on their local radio stations.

Are you ready for PriMedia to turn
your company into a Net-Zero Hero™?

Click through to see more related content, or visit our Work to see the many ways we spread the word about this green energy project, and then talk to us about marketing your company.

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