Step One: Choose Voiceover Type

Please choose which type of voice you would like for your message on hold. Below you'll find a sample featuring a male voice and a sample featuring a female voice.

Female Voice

Step Two: Choose Background Music

Please use the following list to choose music for your message on hold. Click on the category names to see more options. If you hear one you like, simply click the check box to the left to let us know.

Paradise Valley

Sweet Summer Rain

Cat's Meow

Diamond Nights

Tell Me When

San Luis Pass

Waiting For Renoir

Secret Place

Jillian's Garden


Wonderful Day

Summer Day

Sing It Swing It

You Don't Have Me

Go Big Daddy

Who's That Daddy

I Never Knew

Always Lovin' You

All Mine

Good Times Ahead

Steel Wheels

Whiskey and Women

Barn Dancer Roundup

Macon Country Line

Old Eighteen Wheeler

Triad 2 Step

Road House Blues

Country Road Trip

Bellamy Rock

Higher Productivity

European Board Room

Sort and Ship

Factory of Fortune

R and D

Product Development

Profit Centre

Employee Participation


Assembly Line

R and D


Steel Plant

Higher Profits


Younger Demographic


In The Black

International Markets

Product Development

Mexican Festival

Caribbean Dream

Brazilian Blues

Cuban Groove


Your Spanish Eyes

Brazilian Breeze

Latin Lives

Latin Rocker

Vacation Plans

The Simple Things

One Step At a Time

Industrial Serenity

The Right Path

Blooming Flowers

Industrial Conviction

Free Spirits

A Little Jazzy

Industrial Growth

Round and Round

Lite Breeze

Jeff and Kyle

Somewhere In Time

Cool Road Trip

Whimsy Schwimsy

My Star

Quiet Lake

Warm Sunny Day

New Jack Swingin

Wholly Jobeim

World Wide Stock

Power Driver

Taking The Lead

Movers and Shakers

Split the Stock

On the Right Track

Give Your Best

Better Bottom Line

Follow Me Forward

Product Intro

Sea Turtles

Funky Flowers

The Darkest Hour

The Childrens Network

Background Bossa

New Age, New Wave


Soft Blues

Sweet Melody

Solo Guitar

Distant Horizon

Marshall In Da' House

Hard Floor Remix

Hot Wired

Corp This Dub!

Funky Chunks

House Arrest

Techno Metal

Lay Down Easy B

Full Force Floor

Melting Me

12 Days of Christmas

Deck The Halls

Winter Wonderland

Mixed Medley 1

Mixed Medley 2

Step Three: Send Us Your Choices

Now that you have selected some background music you like please, please complete the following and click send to let us know.

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