Get Personal with Your Customer Marketing

The term “personalized marketing” gets thrown around a lot these days, and there are many ways for an energy marketer to implement this smart business tactic. It comes down to utilizing the customer data you have – and already use. In its early days, personalized marketing was limited to variable print direct mail letters, with a “Dear Sally,” in the salutation and the home address somewhere in the body. 
That was then, this is now. Your enterprise software holds a wealth of information about “Sally.” With a few keystrokes you can see: her last delivery date, how often she’s needed service, if she’s using more fuel than in the past, the age of her heating system, if she is on a budget plan, if she has a service contract, her anniversary with the company, her last payment, and probably her birthday.
Imagine Sally’s response if she got a thank-you email on her anniversary date or a birthday greeting. What if she receives those messages not via email, but in a text message, or even as a greeting when she logs onto your web portal? These would certainly be ways to bolster your relationship, as described in the earlier article.
Now, why don’t we let Sally know you have a special deal for her so she can finally replace the 20-year-old boiler you’ve been coddling, or show her exactly how much she could save if she enrolls in price protection? When she logs into your portal to make a payment, you can remind her it is time for her tune-up and if she’s a will-call customer, wouldn’t you like to text her when it’s time for a refill, with a discount if she takes delivery on a day you will be in her neighborhood? 
Multi-channel personalized communications give you a chance to cross promote services while increasing customer loyalty and customer sales. PriMedia can integrate your back-end software with email, text, and on-portal applications to automatically activate any of the scenarios we listed above. Want to learn more? Visit, or contact us today.

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