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It’s the low carbon, renewable energy option that offers an immediate path to a net-zero future. We are helping to get the word out.

We proudly admit to getting carried away by this one! Climate change affects all of us, especially here on Long Island, and our green marketing campaigns were developed to show homeowners they could Upgrade their Lifestyle with renewable heating fuels right now! Our branding wove its green theme throughout multiple campaigns.
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One thing is for certain, if you are advertising in NYC you need visibility, and what’s more visible than a city bus? Our message traveled the streets of Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan, leaving more than 8 million impressions in its wake.

Media planning needs to match the local culture, so when Upgrade Your Lifestyle moved upstate, our strategies moved, too. We needed to speak to homeowners in Buffalo, Rochester, Albany and Putnam. Buses weren’t going to work, but drive time radio sure did, to the tune of another 10 million impressions!
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We integrated unique social media platforms for paid and organic marketing and ran aggressive search and digital ad campaigns for New York City, Upstate New York, and the Hudson Valley. These programs added hundreds of thousands of impressions, with tracked engagements and follow ups.

It was equally important to get the current customers on board, so direct mail materials, newsletters and postcards were created for the association members to send to their contacts and accounts. These pieces all touted the environmental and financial benefits of using these low carbon, renewable fuels.
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Of course, all these campaigns revolved around engaging, interactive websites that pulled all the marketing and advertising together, expanding on the message of clean, renewable fuels available now, and providing information on how local homeowners could connect with regional providers.
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