Which social media platform reaches your customers? Do you need to post to TikTok and Instagram? Will a Pinterest store help sales? How important are Facebook and YouTube? (Maybe, probably, and yes, still very!) And, are influencers worth the cost and can they be trusted not to embarrass your brand?

If it feels like social media moves too fast for you to keep up, relax. PriMedia’s social media teams know how to share your Story. From strategy to implementation to analysis, we can help you make the most of the newest forms of communication. Our targeted solutions focus your social media efforts at the right audience, with a social voice and personality that fits your brand. We connect you with influencers, when appropriate, who are trusted voices for your customers.

From custom personas to engagement campaigns to social media advertising, PriMedia’s Long Island based social media team is your social media team.

Every client deserves a marketing solution as unique as it is. From branding to billboards, from ad campaigns micro-targeted within a few miles to those broadcast nationally, PriMedia develops customized, multi-channel advertising campaigns that connect our clients with their customers.

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