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NuHealth Annual Reports
When these health centers realized their annual reports needed to be more than stapled photocopies, they chose the Long Island advertising company that was just down the road.
NuHealth Westbury
It was a project many “big” advertising agencies would have passed on. The client had been producing its reports on their office laser printer and then stapling together 30-odd pages of word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets and graphs with unmatched fonts and formatting. In 2015 their Board finally decided that it was time to produce a report that was as professional as their operations. They turned to PriMedia to get the job done.
Their representative had met one of our account managers at a local networking event. We saw the opportunity to help a relatively small local health care group. They were non-profit, with an operating budget that went more toward increasing services to the communities they served than to internal communications. But, it was time for their Annual Report to reflect their growth, which had expanded their reach to five community health centers plus satellite locations at Belmont Racetrack, underserved schools and other areas in need. We wanted to help.
NuHealth Roosevelt
CF Care Web
Working on a tight budget, we organized their materials, created content that integrated their data, designed the annual report, and sent a photographer to their locations. Our Garden City office was only a few blocks from their headquarters, which gave them a strong sense of security. If something was needed that couldn’t be handled via phone or email, there was no problem for a staff member to run over to their office – or vice versa. The report was produced and printed on time and on budget. The board members were so pleased and impressed that we continued to produce their annual report, annually.
Another health services program of which we're very proud is the North Shore-LIJ Cystic Fibrosis Center website. The center is a joint project of both the main hospital and health services operations and the affiliated Cohen Children's Health Center of New York. We developed a website rich with lifesaving information for patients and families dealing with a Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis. Organizing the reports, data and resources in an understandable and accessible manner for patients, parents, educators and the general community took a team of copywriters and web developers who each processed the materials with a deep understanding of the project's importance, an eye for detail, and a big helping of compassion.
CF Care Web

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