Out of Home Advertising on a Major League Scale

Arpielle Citifield Score Board
Who will win the race to Citi Field? It didn’t matter, because our client was front and center at every home game.
Arpielle Yearbook Ad
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Mets have been a big part of New York since 1969 (1962-1968 don’t count!), and the move to Citi Field on Opening Day 2009 is a big part the Mets history. Our client, Arpielle Equipment (later to become Hertz Equipment Rental), was a big part of the festivities.

Our work would be seen by 45,000 fans and millions of TV viewers each game day. What do you do on one of the biggest stages in the world? We highlighted our client – its products and services – and made a game for the game.
Arpielle Citi Field
“The Race to Citi Field” game played between innings. We worked with our graphic design and animation and video production teams to produce an exhilarating race between two pieces of Arpielle equipment through the Five Boroughs. Sometimes the forklift won and sometimes the light tower, but the client and fans won every time!

Client billboards framed the scoreboard, and its products were featured in the team’s annual program directly across from the season schedule page. This was truly major league marketing.
Hertz Web Banners Hollywood
Hertz Web Banners Cars
Hertz Web Banners ET
When the company was purchased a few years later, Hertz Equipment Rental continued to advertise in Citi Field, but had other targets in mind, as well. We helped increase their brand positioning in the film, commercial and heavy construction industries with niche-specific print and digital marketing materials.
Hertz Brochure Energy
Hertz Brochure Hudson

Hertz Brochure National
Hertz Brochure Plant
Hertz Brochure Pump

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